Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birding San Antonio

Tommy's Auntie Karen is a birder.
Not a bird,
a birder.
She always has her binoculars with her,
and she's always scanning the skies and the treetops.

Of course,
while we were riding through the San Antonio area,
we had to stop and look.

Auntie Kirsten was very patient.
I'd never been birding before.

We saw lots of different birds. Turkey Vultures, Black Vultures, and my most favorite,
the Crested Caracara, as shown here.

Also called The Mexican Eagle, the Crested Caracara,
occurs from Florida, S. Texas and Arizona
to tropical Central America.

They are very different from the Bald Eagle that we sometimes see near the water in New England. They eat snakes and lizards.

(photo of caracara  borrowed from birdsisaw.com with many thanks)


  1. I am just becoming a birder myself and have so much to learn. The crested caracara sure is an odd-looking bird. Reading that he's seen in Florida, S.Texas and Arizona, I realize why I've never seen one here!

  2. I love the star in stone photo. Very intersting and perfect exposure, too. When I lived in Paraguay, I often saw caracars. Very intense bird, too.

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